Pictures from our Past
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Chet King, Timmy, Royal Crowell, Ed Block, Larry Gaffney, Bill Roberts, Bob Fox

John Bowers, Mike Giles, Gene Marston

Front row; Cal Dodson, John Carr, John L Buffington, Ed Daily
Back row; Jack Block, Louie Ronchetti, Ken Judge

Front row; Ralph Conklin, Hugh Widamen, Charlie Vancil
Back Row; Tom Swart, Buck Hattlestad, John L Buffington, Ed Daily

Bob Fox, Jim Dowd, Phil Anderson, Rick Wallace, John M Buffington

Bill Cook, Jack Watson, Darren Spark

John Bower, Jack Block, Nick Crevling

Jerry Rippeth, Kip Rodecker, Will Anderson

Charlie Vancil, Ralph Conklin, Phil Anderson

Joe Schlader, Robbie Snyder, Charlie Steiner

Ralph Conklin, Rick Wallace, Valdo Sei GM, John Carr, Cal Dodson PGM

Jerry Rippeth, Will Anderson, Jack Watson

Phil Anderson, Chuck Vancil, Rick Wallace

Joe Schlader, Robbie Snyder, Charlie Steiner, Bob McElwee

John L Buffington, Guy Richardson, Cal Dodson, Mario Furgoli

Guy Richardson, Gene Marston, Ed Daily

Rick Wallace, Marty Partenope, Richard Eubanks

Gus at Tamale Johns

? McEwee, ?

Jack Watson, Jerry Rippeth, John Watson